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“Knitting with Balls” or starting my Christmas knitting/shopping

November 2, 2007

I have finally gotten on task and started being productive with the knitting. I’m a mission – I have Christmas presents to knit, and just less than two months to get this stuff done. And while I know it tisn’t “officially” the holiday shopping season, I bought my first Christmas gift of the year. A great literate find for my newest and favoritest male knitter: Knitting with Balls (Jeff, advert your eyes). Its nice to have a small (very small) pile of gifts started. I’m also working on various pairs of socks, mittens, and scarf/hat adornments that will be taking up space in that gift pile.

And lucky for me and my over-zealous stash, knit stuff is still in vogue this season. Jon and I spent several hours frolicking in King of Prussia mall a few days ago – literally frolicking (defined as: wandering aimlessly, lunching, not buying, indulging in revolutionary bean-bag technology at a new store dedicated to bean-bags (proving again that King of Prussia Mall has EVERYTHING)). Knitted stuff was everywhere. The new Levi store, in particular, had tons of scarves, hats, and all sorts of other pretty knit things that I went covert-style to take pictures (without getting kicked out – but just barely).

Covert scarfs in Levi’s – I will learn to make fringe, damnit!

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