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Good morning Baltimore!

November 5, 2007

I have never seen Hairspray ~ I’ve heard great things, but to date, I have not seen any rendition of it, ever. Not on the stage or on the big screen. But I’ll be damned if the Good morning Baltimore!!! line wasn’t echoing through my head as I headed down to Baltimore brighter and earlier than anticipated today. There is nothing better then grabbing a Carmel Macchiato and driving at 80+ mph with no traffic down to lovely, scenic Baltimore to see the best friend.

Weekend proof of humanity: Of course, that was before I fell subject to the stupidity-inducing evilness that is Day Light Savings. And this is all hypothetical. As coming home from a bar less-then-the-model-of-sobriety doesn’t lend itself to clock setting, or even remembering to clock set, it may be possible for one to wake up at the crack of 8:15am, shower, dress, take husband to coffee, purchase said Carmel macchiato, and hit the road quite pleased with one’s self to be on said road before 10am as planned (9:55am, it would seem). It may also be possible for one to turn on the radio, switch on NPR, while piloting Mazda down the highway, and enjoying the carmelly wonderfulness of my macchiato, when Terri Gross of NPR acclaim mentions that it’s a beautiful Sunday morning, barely 9am in the morning. Contrary to popular belief, one would not then slam on their breaks or spit out coffee – one would simply assume that Ms. Gross was broadcasting from Chicago, instead of her normal New York home and continue down to Baltimore at neck-breaking speed. Hypothetically, I won’t even say when I (hypothetically) figured out what the hell time it was, but no worries.

Baltimore was fantastic. Rosie indulged my border-line knitting fetish and checked out two choice yarn shops with me in Fells Point and Hamden, and the results were nothing short of adorable.

I mean, these hats alone were worth the 200 mile round trip, even before we found a really fantastic lys and a pair of mittens that I fell in love with. The pattern was the brain-child of one of the girls at the yarn shop, and she pointed me towards her blog for the free pattern for “Cindy-Lou Who Cabeled Mittens”. Pictures will definitely follow, as I start this off with a new cast on method (blessed be You Tube knitting videos, because the instructions for the Magic Cast-On made my head hurt). I’m trying them out in Alpaca and Trendsetter’s Dune yarn, and so far the figure tips are quite pretty (they are knitted from the figure tips down – cool, right?). And Rose got her first knitting lesson – and is proving herself to be as much a knit-whiz as she is everything else. Crazy girl.

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