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Things I knit with Baltimore Yarn…

November 12, 2007

I am making so many strides to converting the population to my obsession (and making them unknowing minions in my army of darkness), and it has been so very fun. The last few days have been an orgy of knitting – Jeff, Rose, and the work gals are totally on board, and knitting while at work is making it’s way to become a social norm, giving me ample time to work on all of my fun Baltimore projects. I finished up a scarf for Jon almost immediately ~ as anything on 11 needles tends to. This may be one of my new watch-TV-while-knitting-rather-then-listen-to-TV favorite scarf patterns ~
Cast on 25 (any multiple of 4 + 1),
then k2, p2, k1 every row,
making a really easy seed stitch rib pattern.
It’s my first knitted thing for the husband ~ and he’s worn it quite a few times (possibly because he looks rather hot with it on. Probably because he’s aware of the repercussions if he decided it looked better in the closet). And it’s baby’s ass soft, which doesn’t hurt either (crude comparision, yes – but accurate).

And I finished my first of what will be many mittens from top, down. They’re a little bulky, as anything mohair always is, and I think I’m going to try something with the shiny silky rayon next time around, or in between. My knitting ADD always kicks in and I had to knit something in between a pair. This time around it’s socks alla Jeff, and probably another attempt at these mittens. Something brown and shiny maybe?

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