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Nothing encourages creativity like a two day HR Summit…

November 16, 2007

So, the first half of my week wasn’t a creative windfall ~ whose is? My body has fully adjusted to my spectacular 11:30-8p work hours, and getting up at 6:30a without much time for necessities like washing my hair or getting coffee wore on me quite hard. But I did have an amazing time at the HR Summit meeting all of my HR contacts, finally putting faces to a name, and cooking with VPs and SVPs.

But in more exciting news, fall has finally come to the forest! And by forest, I mean N-town. And even though it’ll only probably be a week before we are surrounded by twigs for the next four months, right now it’s beautiful. I had a very hung over morning at the dog park, and every time the wind blew, leaves would race across this field and force me to temporarily not hate the outdoors and all things outdoorsy. We were only there for a half hour because, as a knitter – who makes warm and knitty things – I forgot a coat/hat/mittens/scarf and was freezing my butt off, one cheek at a time. Still, it was definitely a good day, and today is going to be an out-on-the town evening with some of my favorite peoples.

View from my back deck. Purdy.

On the way to the dog park,

These kind people truly seemed to not mind me taking pictures of their stunning house,

although kindness wavered when I jumped out of the car on this road to snap pics.

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