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Christmas Knitting ~ How I loathe thee (and other things I’m thankful for)

November 22, 2007

It takes forever for me to complete a project in the non-seasonal rush. But with just over 30 knitting days left until Christmas, how is one to manage! How is gal like me suppose to rush through multiple scarves and mitten combos under this kind of pressure?! And I’ve got myself up against a wall – I currently have 3 mittens and 2 socks completed, none of which make a pair. I’m a genius right? Embracing my ADD while still being productive? Well, instead of starting any pairs at work today, I got cracking on my other major holiday project:

The Joanna Scarf in Maple Syrup~ much more like the creamy brown in the top picture then these ones below – my flash distorted the color a bit, but it’s still very pretty, snuggly, and chocolaty. I think it will fit Jo perfectly.

Otherwise, my most-likely-to-get-done-first project is my next rendition of the Cindy Lou mittens, for the Mother-in-Law. I’m doing them very similarly, except I have learned to count and am trying to make my the cable in the middle of the hand now (wow! centered cables! crazy talk!). The first mitten may still be thumbless but it sure is gorgeous ~ I used brown Alpaca and something else that was hanging around my stash without a label. I made them small (mil sized) so it kinda looks awful on my hand. But quite warm.

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