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December-Babies Knitted Presents ~Fin~

December 16, 2007

December is the absolute month of birth insanity – truely and madly. I finished two big projects in time for my birthday (why, yes, it is it my birthday tomorrow – thank you for noticing 😛 ) and since I am (almost) the birthday girl, it totally counts.

Other key birthday girls:
KRISTEN!!!! She got a birthday a hat. And not just any birthday hat. A birthday hat with a seam (I know – CRAZY) that looked so cute in the picture I just couldn’t resist whipping it up in some Manos. And for something that knits up so frickin fast, I did manager to go a tad bit crazy with the pictures.

The pattern is part of my new favorite patten book – Rowan Bigger Picture Book – everything so far has been fantastic, and to further explore the wonderness of having a knitting pattern book I actually use, I’ve just stocked up on super sale Rowan Summer Tweed from But anyways, it came together in the Manos during one evenings’ viewing of Dreamgirls. Doesn’t get much better then that!

And look how cute Kep looks!!!

And then, pre-Kristen, was darling Anj ~ who got my first pair of figureless mittens, and so what if she ran away before trying them on. Thy really did show up gorgeous on her – she’s been calling them her Michael Jackson mittens cause they are glimmery!!!

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