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December 25, 2007
Merry Christmas, loved ones!!

Can we please pretend, in the spirit of Christmas, I haven’t been horribly neglectful of my blog and just let the Christmas spirit make it all better? Please? Pretty please? And look, a Christmas cat!!

Things are good here, though work and festivities have been very busy and I haven’t gotten any quality time with peoples lately, but I’m working on fixing that sooner then later, and so in the mean time I am surviving just fine 🙂 We had a couple wonderful folks by for Christmas Eve (the hoagie tradition lives on!)

The holidays were perfectly grand, but I’m a little over the crazinessof running around, and having a few days just to lounge around theoffice as one of the 10 people to show up this week has suited me just fine. And for once, there was no odyssey between the households – though we did pick up the darling brother in law and gal at the train at the butt crack of dawn on Christmas morning (read: 10:30am). I was mad impressed that they were willing to drag presents all the way down on the Amtrak from a Christmas eve in LI with more packages then physically rational.

The “big ticket” stuff this year was a new guitar for Jon, and then he shocked me with a long weekend to Chicago trip all planned for 4th of July. And a box of Tilli Tomas silk yarn. Purrrrr. Best. Husband. Ever.

And otherwise, the world is just work, food, sleep. And work has been the most relaxing part of the three. Exciting life, I know.

More to follow soon – including (if ya’ll been good!!), knitting AND pictures. Woo hoo!

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