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AntiCraft, SuperStar

January 15, 2008

Go figure that it’s Rosie, right off her first knitting binge, that would discover the awesomeness of The AntiCraft ~ I think I’m hoovering right around MoonPrincess RavenDark.

My newest, can’t wait to get start project: Bad Juju. I intend to accomplish a few things with this piece (in order of randomn thoughts in my head) 1) scare Jon wittless, convincing him that it was wrong to indulge my fiber habit; 2) complete my first quote*toy*unquote; 3) find something to do with the lovely skein of black yarn that Ms. Kepics gave me for Christmas (part of the afore-mentioned sack o’ yarn); 4) because my gal pals could all use a delightful lil pin cushion; and lastly 5) because those gals shall fall in such deal love with My. Juju that they will all embrace knitting feriouciously and totally jump on the band wagon.

Photo credit ~ I can only home mine will be as pleasurablely awesome.

Anyway, we finally had snow today. That’s right, I’m blogging about the weather. But honestly, after weeks and weeks or weather that just must have Al Gore crying, I can’t help but get excited over a bit of moisture that is fluffy in form.

O! 6) … Almost forgot 6!!! Because when someone is all like “Whatca knitting??” I can be all like, “Voodoo doll.” Conversation over. Point – Holly.

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