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The World Around Me

January 15, 2008

Despite the blahness of the work week, I’m feeling inspired by a few wonderful going-ons in the world.

1) I do not need my primary fix. I am totally over the primaries, and mostly because my state happens to be one of those states where our vote just doesn’t count, and that seems oddly ok with that. But I absolutely need my Obama fix, and it’s been lovely lately. And no worries New Hampshire, I totally am there for you and appreciate your right to be significant once every 4ish years. But NPR pundits that are going to try to make this a race thang just because they think they have an opening? Knock it off. And lets go over issues. Talk about inspired – the man can speak. And I just want to believe every word that comes out of my mouth, because we’re so in line on the issues, and I need something to override the pass 4 years. I got a political chat with a lovely gal from knitting Thursday night: baker, political scientist, ex-lobbyist – this girl is pretty frickin awesome. And Obama supporter! Yay for new friends!
2) Daily Show. Back. Unscripted (kinda). And better then ever (well, lets not get crazy, but I needed something after months of a writers strike). Where else can you watch some quality political discourse featuring Trucker Magazine. I kid you not (as I’m watching this right this moment).

3) Husband is about to get started with school for his MBA!!! FAN-FRICKIN-TASTIC and he’s so so so (so so so so so) excited. And I must say he looks pretty fantastic in his Rutgers hoodie. Brilliantly red is totally his cover.

4) Panera Knitting Nights. I must say that I have a new appreciation of for knitting at Panera’s, outside of my Barnes & Nobles cmfort zone. I brought Jeff with me and, of course, by the end of the night he had solidified his place as the token male ~ with the nickname to boot ~ and bringing a guy to a knitting group is always an impressive feat unto itself. Jeff did good too! I donated some yarn for the sponsor-a-male-knitter cause, and the gals seem to have taken a shine to him. And as it was the first time I met most of the gals, I can totally say I took a shine to them. And then we came home and he and Jon played XBox terestrone-soaked Gears OF War, which is brutal and so not my thing.

5) 60% Inventory Blow Out Sale at my favorite LYS. I am really a huge fan of the beautiful Yarnings, but their amazingly awesome inventory sale is just legendary in my mind. Remember that “yarn diet” I was thinking about? Yeah, well, forget that. But my stash is now home to some seriouslly beautiful pieces.

And I have big plans. More on those later now.
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