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Pre-Valentine Shananagins

February 10, 2008

I do not suppot Valentine’s Day – which in and of itself is borderline cliche at this point. But I think it’s fair to say that if hating Valentine’s Day has become as mainstream as it seems, then perhaps some sort of march or stike should be planned.

It’s not a day of love, it’s a romantic and commercial minefield. I hate it; and I’m the worse kind of anti Valentine’s day, being that I really do have an amazing person to celebrate with. So instead of doing something incredibly Valentine’s oriented this weekend, we celebrated Nicole’s decent into mature-hood, and it was quite glorious.

The Valentine

Pre-party, the boy and I wandered around Old City, and down to South Street to the Dark Horse Pub – which gets mad propts for letting you rent your own bar! Antics ensued. And as added evidence of how gloriously mature our Nick is getting, notice her tongue stayed in her mouth for both pics below. Our lil girl is growing up!

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