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The Recap Episode

February 18, 2008

Things have been crazy busy lately – that’s not an excuse, but it’s true and I’ll try to be better.

So this is the recap episode for this past weekend, and I promise to try harder next time.

This weekend was not all that we hoped for and more. We were down in West Palm Beach, Florida for Poppi’s 98th Birthday (!!!!), and I’d offer an abridged version (as we’re all working people, with very interesting and important things going on), but unfortunately I’m too rambly to be abridged today —

Thursday, V’day: Dinner with the Hellers; raced home after work to pack, etc. Got to the restaurant early (!!!) despite crazy unromatic traffic on the Blue Route… and they’d losted our reservation. Went out for fantastic Thai food with a couple bottles of wine and watched Lost. Which is awesome. This proved to be the highlight of the weekend.

Friday: Woke up at the butt-crack of dawn (also known as 6:15 am EST) – went to the airport and waited in line for security for over an HOUR. Didn’t have time to get coffee; ran to South West Airlines gate; got mediocre seats.
– Pilot “We’re having toilet troubles – we expect this to be fixed in 1-2 HOURS.”
– Two hour plane ride to West Palm takes 4 hours.
Arrive in Florida hungry, decaffeinated, and not in the best mood. Went out to dinner with Barb & Jon in shmancy area and drank more wine. Made a grocery store run for ice cream, more wine, birthday cake, and razors. Feeling stubbly. At 8pm and 3 glasses of wine, day started to seem better. Crashed at 10pm.

Saturday: Slept until 10ish. Had delightful brunch. Went for walk in gorgeous 80 degree weather to the lake with Poppi and Jon. No one was attacked by alligators.

– On the way back from the lake, Poppi complains that “legs are working.”
– Collapses – reallly realllly scary, but Poppi was talking and ok and even got back up himself.
– Ambulance called; ambulance guys super sexy (have to find silver lining) – spend next 6 hours in emergency room. Poppi stays over night at hospital, but looks and sounds great. Hopefully we’ll take him home first thing in the morning.
– Fancy dinner canceled. Went out for more Thai food, which is actually a really good time. Jon and I go to City Place to relax; more wine drank.

Sunday: Poppi still in hospital, but he woops Jon and I in Scrabble. Dr. comes in a bit late in the game, and is concerned about the kidneys and Poppi needs to stay in the Hospital for an ultrasound – Rick is hoping for a little brother (see – being lighthearted and funny in all types of situations!) Went shopping with Barb. Canceled fancy lunch and dinner. Didn’t get to where my new dress, but also didn’t have to wear panty-hose (golden lining!). Unsettling lack of wine available throughout the day; need to consider that I may be an alcoholic, but in the good way.

And then, darling face, that leaves us at today. Got up at 5:30am – which is much, much, much worse then the butt crack of dawn. Got on a 6:30 flight that didn’t take off until 8:29a because apparently Philly (which is currently having a lovely 70 degree day) had some icey rain this morning that screwed everything up. Got here after 11. At work now and not at my most pleasant (big shock!!).

**** Update – Poppi’s Doctor said Poppi’s kidneys are where they typically are! Ultrasound goes well! Poppi’s home!
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