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Spring was nice. Summer was cool too. Sorry you missed it.

June 2, 2008
Things have been a bit scattered lately. Like, in the months and months and months behind on a blog that was suppose to be therapeutic and awesome and consistent. Blast me and my attempt to stay on top of things. Here’s my list of other things I’ve been neglecting lately (along with a sincere promise at the attempt to not do that anymore):

1. Mailing stuff. Sorry Emaan! And Netflix! And Water Company! Actually, I’m bs-ing you on that last one. Screw the water company. Screw them long and hard with something sharp and splintery.

2. Knitting. Now officially a winter sport. That I’m not playing. Yes, the slacking has been because I’ve wanted to get started on one project in particular for ever and ever and could not manage to get yarn, needles, and pattern in the same spot at the same time. Regardless. I suck.

3. Writing. Hi Blog. How’ve you been? Things good? Awesome. Missed you too.

4. The gym. Hi Gym. How’ve you been? Things good? I hate you. Hate hate hate hate. But I miss you. And I’ll be back tomorrow. Sadly.

5. Visiting people at places that aren’t my living room. Gas is expensive. And I’m a lazy SOB that can’t manage to get my ass in gear if it means planning stuff after I leave work at 8 in the evening. But I’m working on it.

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