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Celebrate Good Obama Come On!

November 8, 2008

So I’ve tried hard not to be so political these days – there’s enough of that going around. But now that the election is safely behind us and my hours need to be filled with something that isn’t so politically charged I’ve been able to return to some of my usual activites: reading… posting… web surfing… watching amazing amounts of Comedy Central.

If anyone on the planet missed it… Obama is now president-elect!

Yeah, I cried – tears of joy, I assure you. And then laughed, as the notoriously-fast-working folks at South Park moved to lampoon President-Elect Obama. Their first post-election episode featured Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, John McCain and Sarah Palin in an Ocean’s 11-style plot to steal the Hope diamond. The best episode ever? Nope. Not even close. But a damn good time and some much needed partisan fun. Yep. Time to heal, people.

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