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Tis NOT the Season Check In

November 18, 2008

Welcome to Tuesday – how I loathe thee. And while the world may be getting into all this tis-the-season stuff, I’m having a hard time adjusting to winter when fall didn’t even exist this year.

In the sad attempt to “do it up right,” I just ordered Christmas cards, Christmas stamps (muy ugly this year – with the options being eat-your-face Nutcrackers or gold lamé virgin mothers) and am doing research to see if there’s a Christmas tree in existence that will smell beautiful, be cat-proof, not give me a cold for the entire time it’s in my house, and has sap that won’t make my hands swell up. I’m such a ball of merriment it’s hard to stand it, isn’t it?

In my defence, the King of Prussia mall was fully decorated by November 1st.

The week is off to a slow start. We finished partying and packing up my Joanna up on Sunday so she’s back in NYC trying to limit herself to a single huge suitcase for clothing/shoes/accessories before taking off to Hawaii. Such a crazy girl – 1 suitcase for clothing?! It’ll be an impressive attempt. I think her solution is that anything she’s forgotten, I shall bring with me when I go to visit. It’s a fair trade off for a free place in Hawaii, by any rate.

Brodie (yes, the dog) turned 4 yesterday, so Jon bought him extra toys and treats to go with the crazy amount of toys and treats already scattered all over the house. Meanwhile, I’m just waiting o so patiently for this weekend so we can disappear up to the Poconos (read: hot tub) for 3 whole days. Kind of a last minute chance to relax with 10 or so of my dearest and closest friends before the seasons really kick into high gear.

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