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Swollen throat = Severe lack in social graces

December 16, 2008

I would never advocate this level of laziness or aversion to medical professionals, but yesterday was my first trip to the doctors since my pediatrician kicked me out (age limit: 21). It feels a little sad to even mention that. But don’t get me started on how long I went without a dental visit (and never had a cavity!!). O, and I’m not claiming that I actually went to the doctor sometime in the last few years my pediatrician was still willing to see me. To the best of my recollection, the last trip I made to a MD was when Temple forced me to go pre-junior year. Which would’ve been 2003. Please let that be a testament to how crappy I must have felt over this weekend that I let Jon hustle me into going to see his doctor super far away ( 20+ mins). And I even passed up my normal display of over-the-top (but totally deserved) whining, begging, bargaining, and demands that the husband just go to the doctor and bring me back medicine to share (also, not advocating self medication…). Possibly because I felt like death, but also because Jon felt like death and he had to go to work – poor kid.

So instead, I dragged my diseased ass to the doctors. Now, I’m not going to pretend that I’m kind, sweet, social, or even a particularly nice when I’m not feeling well. I’m actually a little crabby (shocking!!!!). And when my throat is swollen past the point of pain and my head is in self-destruct mode, I’m not really in a happy place to be dealing with crowded doctors offices and less then friendly nurses.

Ok, so in thet spirit of the holidays and cheer, I shant complain about the lack of common courtesies – or, you know, bedside manner – that was missing during my hour that I waited in the office lobby, watching ever other person get called and come out. Including a nurse that came out for the sole purpose of straightening magazines. The sad truth is really just that I am now quite medicated and feeling a tad bit better…on OVER THE COUNTER meds. That’s right, finally went to the doctor’s and didn’t even get the good stuff.

However. This weekend. Baltimore Ugly Christmas Sweater bar crawl? AMAZING!

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