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Oy & Merry Christmas

December 24, 2008
The Good

  • Leaving at 3:30
  • Jon brought us pizza and soda. Reallllly good pizza.
  • Discovered that (SHOCK!) sugar makes everything better. Everything including deliciousy pizza sauce. Hmmmm tasty.
  • Saw a car with antlers and a rudolph nose rear-end someone outside of King of Prussia Mall! Sad for them. Hy.Sterical for me.
  • Jon has otherwise been cleaning all day, because he’s the Best. Husband. Ever.
  • Spending my time creating unilateral style sheets for marketing presentations that I truly have no authority over.
The Bad
  • Everyone in Oakbrook is out to lunch for their holiday party, so no calls are coming through and no one is getting back to us on anything
  • It’s silent. Eerily silent.
  • We’re here until 3:30.

The Ugly

  • Working on Christmas Eve.
  • Got pizza sauce ALL over my sweater …. my white sweater … because I’m mentally five and sloppy. Sauce that tasted so good, I’m considering sucking it OFF my sweater.
  • Jon & Tim talked about fantasy football for an hour before I made him go home.
  • The parking lot is an ice skating rink. A black ice covered ice skating rink.

Hope you’re having a Merry Christmas Eve!

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