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Philly Traditions

December 27, 2008

New Christmas tradition has been picking Ben & Ari up at 30th Street Station Christmas morning for Christmassy festivities, and I really love it. Seeing 30th Street all decked out for Christmas. Speeding into the city, because believe it or not, 76 is abandoned on Christmas morning, grabbing coffees and lattes and waiting for them to get in from NYC. Its awesome, and I’m even more excited it’s something we’ll be doing for years to come.

And then there’s the older traditions. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a 30min stop at the Wanamaker/Lord & Taylor’s/Macy’s for the light show. Even though it seems that they “Boat House Row“-ed the show by switching to LED lights and a slightly new color palette. This, of course, means much brighter, Eco friendly light show for all to enjoy… but definitely takes away from the crack tooth smile look that made the show so historic.

But what really seemed sacrilegious was that Mr. Macy has replaced the escalators of the famed Wanamaker. Sad? Or just sad that I noticed? A small child was sitting on the escalator in front of us and no part of their wardrobe was snagged, snared, or sucked off by the sharpened wooden planks of the escalator. In fact, the whole of the wooden planks and worn down handles were missing as well. It seems that the historic society or Architectual Digest should be raging about this, not I (and perhaps they are, cause for reals, I don’t read materials put out by the historic society or Architecturual Digest). End of an era.

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