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False Advertising

January 9, 2009

Me: “Yeah, I need to join a gym like yesterday, and this is definitely the one I want. The people here are cool. The price is right. They have a juice bar and cardio theater…”

The husband: “That’s all it takes to turn you into the newest walking advertisement for this place? A juice bar?”

“And and and, um, they have a chiropractor and the chiropractor is so hot and they have trainers and classes and the chiropractor is crazy hot…”

“Ok, I get it, the chiropractor is a major incentive?” “Um. YEAH! Doctor, doctor, adjust my back.” “Uh huh, and you’ve met this doctor?” “Nope, they’re still setting up the studio.” “So? Your judging his hotness based on?” “Um, the big sign on the bulletin board with his picture.”

“The sign near the entrance? With the guy holding the football?” “Yeah, the Chiropractor sign.” (insert strange face at husband here, because he’s obviously retarded)

“The one with the good looking black guy holding the football?” “Yeah, in the suit that says ‘blah, blah, blah Chiropractor, coming soon to SWEAT’.”

“You obviously read this sign so closely.” “Whatev, I got the basic info figured out.” “Really? You think so?” “Why?” “That ‘Chiropractor’ is Jerry Rice.” … blank stare from me… “the football player…” …blank stare continues… “Famous wide receiver? 13 time Pro Bowler? Not ringing any bells?” … blank stare continues until Jon sputters and walks away.

Apparently my chiropractor is not going to be as hot as I thought?

Seriously. Don’t try to tell me you wouldn’t let this guy adjust you.
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