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In med school, what do they call the person to graduate at the bottom of their class? … Dr.

January 13, 2009

H… how was the weekend btw? fantastical?

B… weekend was good, went out friday night, didn’t go out Saturday to Jess’s thing bc i had a stupid anxiety/panick attack Friday night so Saturday i was at home with a splitting headache all day, so i decided to watch tons of movies instead and cuddle with my puppies. Sunday, I cleaned

H… wait, what happened? are you ok?

B… yeah i’m fine. apparently they come out of nowhere and the Dr said i’ll be fine and if it happens continously, then i need to get it tested out. But he said anything could’ve triggered it

H… o that’s helpful – anything could’ve triggered it. i think that warrants a second opinion. Maybe someone who can narrow it down from infinite possibilities to like, anything but 3 legged dogs. Or it could’ve been triggered by anything except the Roman Empire circa 800 a.d. to 1400 a.d. … But i’m really glad you’re feeling a bit better

B… hahahahahahaha. You are right, it could be anything

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