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Go Eat This! with a special why-the-‘burbs-are-the-bane-of-my-existance (this week)

January 30, 2009

Still fighting the mental block on this one. Modo Mio (Italian for “My Way”)Amazing restaurant. Northern Italian. BYOB. But at 2nd & Girard?! So people are gracious enough to call this “the edge of Northern Libs” – but they would be wrong.

Regardless, Dani & I hit this up post-haste last night for the now infamous Menu Turista – and no, this is not part of Restaurant Week. This is a real deal that is available any time and includes any item on the menu, which is seasonal and changes every few months.

The over all impression is that this spot is a little cramped, but it was kind of nice and cozy, because our neighboring diners were awesome. And beside the B we had BYO’d, there was free Sambuca at the end. Just to make sure the buzz was laid on heavily.

Side note:
**** So maybe some of ya’ll noticed the Map that now is strategically placed on my blog – I love this website. I truly am such a fan and you should all join basically yesterday. ****

Dinner with Dani is always rather spectacular as she is the light of my universe and a total enabler on the wine front. And in our wine induced haze I was basically taking notes in my phone on something crazy she was telling me about in between courses 2 and 3… and looking at this draft message I feel compelled to share it with you in it’s originally drafted state:

“Mean firey macy’s lady. 190 years ol!!! Stern school marm and sNotty. Perhaps its blah blah blah. Fragrance free, oil free, & mineral free. 30 minute infomercial I would’ve perfected! HA!”

Now, sobriety was on my side enough that I could try to expand on this and fill in the blanks… but it seems more fun not to.

O!!! So why do the ‘burbs have the distinction of being back on my bane-of-my-existance list this week? Quite simple.

3 hours to get from Northern Liberties to Norristown at 10p last night.

O yeah, that’s right, no exaggeration. 45 mins in park on the SureKill because of the perfect storm of 2 accidents and road work. So I took pictures. And slowly lost my mind.

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