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Impressions of a tiny Island 6 hrs behind and 11 hrs away

February 1, 2009

Ok, this is 6:30 Hawaiian time so mad props to me for getting my sad ass up (sure I went to bed at 9:30p last night but that’s 3a and my partying usually drops off at around 2a state-side).

Impressions thus far:

1) Joanna looks AMAZING. And Cal too, but since I haven’t seen Cal in much much longer it wasn’t quite as shocking as seeing my hard Philly girl transformed into a even more gorgeous, tiny, blond haired beach hottie.

2) Half of the airports walk-ways are outside. So 2 mins after you’re off the plane you are in Hawaii breathing in the tropical air, which smells like pot (apparently growing “product” along the highway is not as much of a no-no as one would expect).

3) Aunt Lori’s theories of jet lag (you are where you are so get over it) may make sense. But also make my head hurt. However that second wind was helpful.

4) There are bugs and lizards in Hawaii and sometimes they come inside your apartment, but as long as you have a big ass can of country fresh bug poison, you still win.

5) Most comfortable couches in the world are right here.

That’s it. Desperately seeking shower. Pictures forthcoming.

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