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And now back to our regularly scheduled programing

February 9, 2009

Back in Pennsylvania, and can I just say that the next time I travel to & fro Hawaii, I will require a stop over. Not that the direct flight from Newark wasn’t lovely, but because you get on the plane in beautiful, tranquil, fresh-smelling, happy Honolulu only to be thrust out into the cold, harsh, snide reality of Newark.

Common courtesy suggests the plane should at least stop in Phoenix or Austin or even drought-and-Coke crusted Atlanta as a way to ease you into Newark.

The reality + jet lag + smell + cold of Newark is just a little much to take.

Although, nothing felt better in the world then seeing Jon waiting for me at baggage. And my humble apologies to the presumably nice man that I pushed over at the entrance of the escalator so that I could reach the husband 50 second sooner.

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