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February 14, 2009
I don’t normally play the part of “simple” girl. I’m pro-celebrating anything you’ve got – St. Patrick’s day? Hit me! Boxing Day? Presents for everyone! Half Birthday? Don’t mind if I do. But Valentine’s Day? … eh. Its just not my thing. Ok, sometimes when Jon takes me to fancy dinners and buys me pretty things, it becomes my thing. But generally, I’m a take it or leave it kinda girl when it comes to fat babies with angle wings.

So, Valentine’s 09 was exactly what I wanted. Gourmet food scavenger hunt, hunting around the far reaching areas of the suburbs looking for items to form an amazing home cooked dinner with the boy, just me and him, dogs away somewhere, and some good wine. Really amazing wine -La Castellana Reserve from Mr. Van Dusen’s trip to Sonoma.

2005 LA CASTELLANA, Reserve,

With only the wine picked out, the husband and I hauled butt out to Kennett Square to see what they had to offer. Top two enticements: Talula’s Table (where I’m sure we’ll never get to eat), and The Country Butchers.

Talula’s Table

Holly’s Table
(notice lack of dogs/dog hair)

So, I was definitely in a good mood when I got here. The whole town is adorable, but Talula’s is definitely the main draw in mid-winter (when everything else is cold and the whole main drag is a little deserted). The produce and fish sections leave a lot to be desired, but everything else was truly lovely. It was cute and quaint, and I got all sorts of good stuff at this surprisingly tiny country market.

The Country Butcher was my favorite – sort of a suburban DiBrunio’s with an incredible selection of prime meats, huge cheese counter (not quite DiBrunio’s, but seriously, who is?), tons of gourmet food items, a bakery with a small but beautiful selection, and (the creme de la creme) a PA wine store inside.

Can’t help but mention that they were having a HUGE tasting party going on while we were there, so I generally munched my way around the store. I dunno, there’s just something about a place that gives me free lamb meatballs and free escargot and free cheese (hmmmmm cheese).

O! And I bought escargot!

Highlight of the day – no diamond earrings – but heart shaped box of chocolate, a card, and a whole bottle of wine. Hope your V’day was duelly awesome.

Romantize-His-Pants-Off Dinner Alla Holly
Menu para 2

2 1.5 lb whole lobster
(steamed & cleaned by the nice guys at the fish store)

Tres Butters para dipping:
Garlic Butter
Basil Butter
Champagne Vinegarette Butter

Creamy Mashed Potatoes
with heavy cream, marscapone & garlic

Chocolate Peanutbutter Tart

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