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Cu (that’s Science for Copper)

February 23, 2009

While life in the ‘burbs is threatening to kill my soul, there is still the rare awesome weekend when I get to be in the city to play.

Saturday – inlaws ran off with the puppies and we went up to NYC to see Ben & The 39 Steps. Both were spectacular.

Sunday – rainy, gross, slightly musty smelling Sunday – was one of those days and despite the rain (and the smell), it was exactly the city refresher I needed.

And even better was dinner with the boy at Copper Bistro in NoLibs – outside was cold and wet and gross, inside we were right up to the window and warm and utterly happy (and not just because we had a great people-watching spot for the whole restaurant and everyone wandering by).

Copper is just beautiful – everything I love about Philly. Exposed bring wall, byob, glass mosaics, great seasonal/local food. Highlight: homemade tagliatelle with littleneck clams.

And then of course, they had homemade chocolate chip chipwich ice cream sandwiches (two cookies, warm chocolate sauce, rich vanilla icecream). It was quite awesome. The boy was totally won over.

Anyone up for a dinner out sometime soon, go here now. We’ll go with you 🙂

Copper Bistro
614 N 2nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 627-9844
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