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Muscles de Safran et de la Moutarde

February 26, 2009

For a first attempt recipe, I definitely picked a keeper. Bouchon -which is rather impressive in it’s girth – has been making the trek back and forth from work with me for the better part of a week while I try to determine what my first attempt will be.

Apparently, I’m not really a “planner”, so there was the added challenge of trying to get all the ingredients in one place at one time. Plus, since I’m doing this as locally as possible, there was some major scouraging.


Shallots: Easiest enough – these were right at the Farm Food Farmstand.

Garlic: Ditto on the garlic – huge and tasty.

Thyme & Parsley: Both had been recent acquisitions in my Winter Harvest Buying Club

White Wine: Chaddsford Winery is such a great cooking wine – local, inexpensive, and good enough to cook with and then drink afterwards for a good table wine.

Saffron: Came from Spain. Was organic. Tried and tried, but apparently Saffron doesn’t really exist state-side.

Dijon Mustard: This was left over from Maple Acres Farms in Plymouth Meeting

Muscles: Big failure – the recipe was pretty specific that it wanted the smallest muscles available, and PEI were the smallest I could find. However, I did consult the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch and picked up these muscles at a local and indepentendly owned seafood spot at Reading Terminal.

Mise en plahs

The prep time was a little long because I was pretty anal about cleaning the muscles. I did teach husband how to remove the beards on these little guys – something he found horrifically barbaric (ha!) and second only to the prospect of me steaming these things alive. He was basically having a full-on crisis of conscious while I tossed them in the pot.

Actual cooking time was only 20 mins, including the fetticini I made to toss the muscles with.

Ta da! I probably could’ve let the sauce simmer for longer. Keller says to let it sit for at least 5 mins after adding the saffron to “settle”, but also says that you could let it sit up to a few hours – I had that thang back on simmer as soon as the clock hit the 5 min mark, but only because Jon was hungry and we had Lost to prep for.

O, and while I have your attention with pretty food, check out the new pan. Let me make a quick commercial hit for Home Goods. Original price of pan = $75, marked down to $50, on sale for $36, on CLEARANCE for $25. I shall call her shiney pan. And love her always.

Next reciepe: Something with beets. If ya got’em, cook ’em.

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