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Other awesome things to do on Sundays

March 2, 2009

Let me set the scene for you. It’s early morning Monday and I’m up at 6a because rather then go out in the cold frosty snow last night, the puppy (and not the bad puppy, but the GOOD puppy) decided to pee on my bathtub bright ‘n early. Nothing gets your heart beat scattering out of dreamland like the soft stream of urine being targeted towards porcelain.

After sullen cursing and head burying on my part, the husband graciously jumped up to discipline/clean/sanitize my bathroom and whipped the curtians open. And after barely turning my head to glimpse out the window, I thought to myself “Shit. There’s a crazy bit of snow outside”.

Sounds like a silverlining, right?

8″ of snow + dangerous road conditions + dramatic newscasters begging people to stay off the streets + NO street plowing = SNOW DAY!!! Right?

Yeah, not in my world.

Southeastern PA and all of itty bitty NJ is smoothered in snow right now. I’ve been up since 6a, shoveling since 7a, and in work by 9a. My jeans are damp and my feet are cold. And instead of hoovering over some coco in a big comfty blanket on my big comfty couch, I am typing under harsh floresant light. Still cold.

Now that I’ve properly set the scene for a rather ridiculously frosty and chilled Monday morning, I had to expound upon my new favorite Sunday activity.

Husband and I hit up Phoenixville’s Colonial Theater for the mid-day show of Alfred Hitcock’s “To Catch a Thief”. I’d never seen it but there were a few things I found too cool about this movie to miss.

  • Cary Grant is in it and I love him even though he’s quite dead
  • Grace Kelly is in it and I love her – ditto on the dead part – but also cause she’s a Philly girl AND a princess
  • Grace met the Prince while filming this movie – which is way more of a reason to see it then to see, say, Mr & Mrs Smith cause Brad & Angelina fell in love during filming
  • Alfred Hitcock is cool too, and for a man that made 60+ films, I’m sadly under-exposed to his work

So for $6, we hit up this beautiful theater, got snacks, and hung out for their Classic Movie Sundays. And we will surely be going againg – just not next weekend, because The Watchmen will be out.

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