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Brunching (or, losing an hour and my mind)

March 7, 2009
I love brunches – eating them, drinking through them, generally feeling productive because I’m up and out of bed at a decent time (even if I’m spending that extra awake time inhaling carbs and caffeine) . And I’m having such a good time finding newer and more interesting items for breakfasts – more then just omelets and scramble eggs and pancakes (totally tasty, but a bit standard). Current attempts are stuffed Challah sugar-vanilla bean French Toast and the Oeufs en Cocotte pictured over on the lovely Farm to Table blog.

In prepping for brunch tomorrow, I figure I’ll make both plus a pound of bacon (because since when doesn’t a pound of bacon go with EVERYTHING), regardless of the less-one-hour of sleep that daylight savings is inflicting on me.

Should I have been more enegerized or on-task, I would’ve gone with some sort of pre-Watchman breakfast – since that’s the occassion for brunching (trip to a 12:30 Watchman show at the IMAX). But instead of working out themes (Blue Eggs a la Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach pancakes with some crushed raspberry sauce for the dog brains…).

Instead, I spent my time amusing myself with email from peoples about the finer points of planning early morning movies and brunches- oh, Alex.

“Well, we have cut out the middle man to bring the savings directly to you. No longer do you have to worry about what to buy for brunch in these cost conscious times we live in. Breakfast is the new brunch, and Holly & Jon’s is the new Redstone. Show up between 10 – 10:30 tomorrow for the breakfast of your lives*.

* – “breakfast of your lives” is a service mark of Holly H., & not representative of either the most satisfying breakfast you’ve ever had or a breakfast that is representative of your particular life.”

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