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Go Read This: GRID, Philadelphia

March 9, 2009

Philly Magazine & Main Line Mag are all well and good, of course, but I’m quite excited for GRID, Philadelphia, which I found at the Philadelphia Brewing Co.’s anniversary party over the weekend (more on that later, but sufficient to say that they were giving away beer!! That’s right, free beer! and thus now have ever formed a special place in my heart).

So, GRID, Philadelphia is Philly’s first magazine devoted to urban sustainability. Its all bout hearing from major voices in the local sustainability movement, accessing fresh ideas, and sharing tales of ordinary people doing extraordinary things together. Or at least that seems to be their goal, but of course they are only three issues in (all totally 100% accessible online). And like the beer at Philadelphia Brewing Co. this past weekend – its free!!! Crazy excited for my first “subscribed-to” issue to show up.

Since I probably won’t remember to tell you about free beer anniversary party at Philadelphia Brewing Co. so read about it here and envy the fact that you weren’t there. And here are some pictures, while I go grab one of newly inquired “Walt Wit” Belgium-white. Yum.

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