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Best part of Sunday nights

March 16, 2009
I must’ve mentioned my spot at Reading Terminal for all-natural, grass fed and hormone-free meats and poultry before, right? Sadly, most of the food over at the fresh, local food stand is very much frozen (although hightly local) and after checking out their freezers I usually hit up Giunta’s Prime Shop for everything else I ever want.

This weekend the only lamb I could find at the Buy Local Farmstand were kabobs, and the boy has been pretty much crazy in love with lamb recently, so I hit them up for a crazy good looking rack of lamb (and some other crazy items, but we’ll get to them this week, I’m sure).

Pulled out Joy of Cooking, which has been damn awesome this weekend (proved itself invaluable on Saturday morning because it had a quick and crazy easy recipe for pancakes since my box of Bisquick has up and expired on me …technically, expired sometime in 2008…early 2008…but whose counting) – not only did JofC tell me what to do with the lamb rack (how to cook/how not to destroy, etc), but it also suggested all these lovely lil marinades that would go with them – most having wine, mustard, and honey as the core ingredients. But know what’s wrong with wine, mustard, and honey? Nothing, nothing, and nothing, that’s what.

Anyway, post-afternoon chick party at our house, I collapsed on the couch and fell asleep with specific instructions to the husband to “wake me when he’s hungry”. So, at 9 pm Sunday night, still making weird waking-up faces, I applied heavy doses of salt and pepper to this gorgeous rack (ha!), seared it on both sides and then roasted for 20 mins at 425. Just as Joy of Cooking told me to. And then taking the second Joy of Cooking suggestion, used some pan juices, red wine (for de-glazing), honey, onions, thyme, lemon zest, and olive oil – and instance sauce.

The throwdown was Sunday night on the big comfty couch in socks with lamb and wine and boy (not pictured). Crazy cool party girlish? Nah. But pretty much perfect.

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