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Recession-proof dress

March 16, 2009

On the morning of my Monday home-from-work-cause-I-wanted-to-die, I was leisurely scarfing down cereal and flipping through Time Out New York* and in a weird trance-like state, I fell in love with the dress.

*No, I don’t actually subscribe to this magazine, since, you know, I don’t live in New York, but it started showing up about a year ago and I haven’t the heart to stop it…even though the husband seems to think this may be a sign of identity thief or something…

Since my closet is smallish and starting to get uncomfortably tight for us to walk into (unacceptable for a walk-in) —and as of late (we’re in a recession, people) my wallet is equally limited—so I (in theory) can’t go buying a dress for every occasion.

That’s where the Butter by Nadia wrap dress transcends money and space and becomes such an awesome idea, I’m a little pissed that one of my highly fashionable friends didn’t come up with this a while ago (that’s right, Dom, you know who you are): It’s a one-size-fits-sizes 0-16 jersey (or satin) creation in a rainbow of colors and patterns and limitless possiblies of ways to be worn.

Luckily for my unimaginative self, Brooklyn designer Nadia Tarr thought to include online photos and videos that show in detail how to create multiple styles simply by twisting and tying the fabric.

This is the sort of thing where I know I’m going to spend an embarrassing amount of time twisting, tying, and manipulating this dress all over the place. Double points for them shipping the same day that I ordered!

Go here now:

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