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Peace out, homeslice

March 20, 2009

Seriously, what kind of girl sends her husband here for 4 days? An awesome one, that’s who. In light of my recent trip to Hawaii sans the boy, and the serious stresses of school/work/possibly me, the guy deserves the trip down south. And in 1st Class no less. Yeah, I rock.

Miss you baby, have a great time in Orlando. Don’t listen to Jarrad.

But! Philly still has some awesome things to offer. Like FREE WATER ICE. Yep, that’s right, first day of Spring = Vernal Equinox = Free Rita’s Water Ice Day! It’s basically engraved into the natural realm. And I don’t even like water ice in most cases (free not being one of those cases).

With a little bit of strategy and well-placed work to home route, you can truly maximize your free water ice intake. And thus thoroughly enjoy the first day of spring.
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