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Please don’t get cold again!

March 22, 2009

Posting really quickly before falling into bed in between Stupid Dog 1 & 2. They’ve been taking up the boy’s space on the bed for the past two nights and are quite pleased with themselves that they no longer need to contort around two people in the bed. At this point it’s more along the lines of me contorting to them, which ends tonight, cause they’re making my neck hurt.

They sure are warm, though. And it’s really pretty cold right now.

Most of this day has been spent running around like an ass between the gym, dog park, and trying to get my license taken care of (note to self: when the line is wrapped around the OUTSIDE of the DMV, screw it).

And after an awesome night – 75th Birthday for the Aunt – its back down in the 20 degrees neighborhood, which is a shitty neighborhood, and I truly hope not one that’s going to make icicles of my strawberries and lilac tree that are thus far being totally pro-active and trying to grow.

Particularly hoping for some sort of 60 degree thaw so I don’t turn blue in a skirt tomorrow. Which reminds me I need to set the alarm, because it’s going to be an early one. I think I’m suppose to leave the house at 9am tomorrow to head up to LI. That sounds like such a bad idea right now. Oy, time to move the pups.

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