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FriSanDay –

March 23, 2009
That’s how much this weekend was a blur. It doesn’t get 3 individual day names. It was officially one day, FriSanDay.

Dinner and crafts with Dani, 75th Birthday Party for the Aunt, Bridal Shower (which was just an awesome time even though it was allllll the way in L.I.).

I’m not sure if thinking about all the running around is making me sleepy or if I’m just sleepy because its a Monday morning and I’m back to work. We got home pretty late yesterday evening and the plan was to sit on the couch with take out and catch up on TV relaxing. Instead, everytime I stood, stretched, or lifted the remote, the dogs bounded off their respective pieces of furniture and took off down the stairs at neck-breaking speeds. 20 mins of this was enough for me to give up and take them to the stupid park. Which was lovely -nice weather, good crowd, birds chirping, sunset. Damn dogs.

I still got my takeout, which was great. But when is Lobster Mac & Cheese not great? I cooked nothing since the husband was away. Cooking for 1 kind of is outside my tolerance zone for a myriad of reasons that I shall prance up to my soapbox and expound on at a later time.

Notice the 2 noses.

Sunday night sunset @ the Dog Park

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