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Lazy Sunday = Cheese & Movies

March 30, 2009

I don’t know if Sundays were always this mehhhhh, or if I’ve just allowed all my energy to be sucked from my body on Sundays because it seems right. Probably that one – I’m falling to lazy Sunday peer pressure. That being said, it was an awful day to be wandering the city – it was gray and threatening to rain most of the day. Proof that wandering around the city with the boy totally trumps any sort gray skies and eventual hail that the city can throw our way.

Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see

In a city devoid of expensive but o-so-delicious gourmet cheese, citizens clung desperately to their hope that someone SOMEWHERE would fulfill their cheesy desires and open an over-priced-but-kinda-cute-if-not-kinda-smaller-th en-you-though-I-mean-1-cheese-case,-come-on! cheese shop!

Except… not really. I’m pro-cheese shop. I’m pro-any cheese shop. And I was all ready to get my Gouda on at the Old City Cheese Shop – except they didn’t have Gouda. Or much else, considering the afore mentioned singular cheese case. And what they do have is on the upper echelon of price range, even for gourmet cheese shops. True that they’re an old city establishment, which meant I was going to be gorged on prices, but still. Gorge me a tiny bit less and I’ll buy a whole lot more.

What crawled under my skin on this one was that my trek to Old City took me path a plethora of far superior cheese shops – anything at Reading Terminal, Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop, even DiBruno’s. It doesn’t help that the bro in law has us frequent Zabar’s and Murray’s with him in Manhattan. I kinda wanted to be all a la Crocodile Dundee (“That isn’t a cheese shop. THIS is a cheese shop”).

We stayed for brunch, because we were already there and I do LOVE the court yard set up in the back. The chicken crepes were only ‘eh – little bland with the Bechemal sauce – but the boy’s porscutto panini was awesome. All in all, great if you’re in the neighborhood. Not worth the trek.

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