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Mentally onto April

March 31, 2009

There are some food items in this world that once I’ve “discovered” them, I know they’re going to be a staple forever – like ever and ever. As in, when the Alzheimer’s and dementia comes and takes all my happy memories of the husband* and the dogs** and the travels, I will still have porcini powder in my brain. With cognac and caramelized shallot compound butter. That combined Per.Fect.Ly. to create the porcini-encrusted Delmonico steaks I made last night.

Obviously, I’m not that brilliant – Hungry Mouse is, though, and thankfully I have her brilliance to borrow (or, ya know, sponge off of). This is without a doubt one of the prettiest and best written food sites out there and part of my daily repertoire of sites to hit up.

So, the steaks. Omygod they were frickin amazing. I did exactly like HM told me too, except for changing up the butter, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Except for having pictures of it – which I only have one before my camera died, because I left my charger in the car, and thought I left it at work. Enjoy – nay, savor – this one picture:

*Sorry husband, but this will allow for a cute story to unfold a la The Notebook or some other mushy crap like that.

**I could never forget you, Shelby!

And if you aren’t fully satisfied with that, then go back to Hungry Mouse and enjoy the fruits of her labor. The butter composite that I used was fairly true to design – 1/2 stick of butter was totally sufficient for 2 people, as was 1/2 shallot finely diced, and 2 tablespoons of cognac (used the Hennessy’s – saved the Courvoisie, because the husband spazzes just a little bit when I use the good stuff to cook with)

O, and the local ingredient list:

Butter a la CSA
Dried Porcini mushrooms from Jonathan’s Best in Chestnut Hilly
Delmonico steaks from Guinta‘s Prime Shop
Shallots from the Fresh Farm Stand
Eggplant from the Phoenixville Farmer’s Market
(used for eggplant fries – another lovingly stolen idea)
Breadcrumbs homemade from left over CSA bread

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