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Down on the farm in Kensington

April 6, 2009

Dear Weather Gods,

I truly appreciate how this entire weekend was devised of sunny, pre-summery, bird-singing, dogs-frolicking bliss, and come Monday, we’re back in gross, miserable thunder-stormy pre-apocalypse. Call me selfish, but I feel better being chained to a cube when the rest of the world is covered in dark, miserable clouds. But if you could have the thunder and lightening out of the way pre-quittin’ time, it’d be mucho appreciated.


To take advantage of the pretty weather and ever-fleeting urge to be productive, I coerced the boy downtown to pick up plants from Greensgrow Farm. The nursery It was our first trip down there this season and since signing up for the Greensgrow Summer CSA (City Supported Agriculture), so to say that I skipped into their front gates is probably completely embarrassing and accurate. I love being a “member,” even if it no longer comes with the requisite jacket.

Whatev, my back deck is now covered with herbs (cilantro, rosemary, fennel, mint, oregano), arugula, leeks, and strawberries, with blackberry and blueberry bushes planted downstairs. Cherry tomatoes, spinach, and basil are still on the to-do list (there’s always a damn list), but I get a reprive until warmer weather for that.

How does one get the urbane, non-granola husband out of the house and down to Kensington on the first gorgeous weekend of Spring? Bribery. Pure and Simple.

AND, while we were contently brunching, I picked up the newest issue of Grid Philly, which was appropriately all about gardening (as you can tell from the incredibly cryptic cover). Haven’t figured out where to pick up your free issue yet, no worries – the entire issue is on their website with this cool flip-through-the-pages, can’t-believe-its-not-paper technology.

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