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100th Post – And time for some interaction…

April 7, 2009

Such a random post to be celebrating(?) my 100th post, but since
Time Out NY started showing up at my house a while back (I may have mentioned this…), it’s made my gym bag every week.

So it’s not crazy that I noticed they just posted a quiz online for us recession-fighting foodies out there. And you should take it.

Are You A Food Snob? is obviously geared to the NY-ers out there (not that there are many of them), but it’s quick, painless, and a reprieve from all your twittering (bleh-mental note to rail against Twitter at a later time) and Facebook quizzes. Apparently, I fall into the loveable and somewhat misunderstood category of Bona Fide Foodie Elitist. Go sit in the corner with your shad roe. Ha! Best statement ever.

Hmmm… though perhaps this is worrisome. Will make a slightly smaller mental note to care about that later. Whatev, go take the survey. Its only Tuesday. You need some distraction.

O, and speaking of distractions… Yay for Philly’s own Douglas Rodriguez (of the delicious fare at Alma De Cuba) will be joining the all-star cast of Top Chef Masters (starting sometime in June, to the girly glee of my Bravo-obsessed self)!!!

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