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Down on the Farm II

April 13, 2009

Two weekends in a row, I’ve traipsed down to Greensgrow in Kensington since it re-opened three weeks ago for the season. I consider it practice for the summer CSA and all the weekly traipsing I’ll be doing soon enough – well, not soon enough. Yesterday wouldn’t be soon enough, but that’s how I roll when it comes to “patience” and other similar virtues.

I intended to document it heavily – even brought an umbrella AND a camera (no, no jacket) – but damn it was sucky out on Saturday. Raining and cold and wet and really just gross all around, as you can tell by the soggy box of plants that I brought home with me. That being said, you’ll have to go out on a limb and trust me when I say that the place was hopping.

It’s a lot of green so far, but you’re looking at spinach, thyme, and strawberries to join my already not-quite-dead berry bushes, leeks, cilantro, fennel (…and a few others that I’ve mentally blocked).

There were tons of lettuces, kales, vegetables, and hearty herbs (meaning no basil yet) to buy, plus all sorts of interesting small shrubs and trees (fruit-bearing and otherwise), and I was pretty tempted to buy up a lot more of the lettuces…except that my arugula is doing so well that I’m kinda scared any more lettuce would just take over my garden all together. The only other thing in the ground right now doing even remotely well is the fennel. And since I haven’t even started to consider what I’ll use the fennel for, I’ve got to regroup.

Crazy assertive arugula

Fennel sprouting new greens all cute like

In any case, Van Dusen was with me and we successfully purchased and feld the rainy ickness of the day for some dry, crowded food stuffs at Reading Terminal. It was packed. P-A-C-K-E-D. Crazy packed. But I came away with enough fresh foods to get us through the week. Including a truely pretty rack o’ lamb and a massive slab of bacon. They’ll be broken out tonight, I thinks. Because today is realitively drab and bleh too, and a great day for bacon.
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