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Shrimpy jawns…

April 15, 2009

…as the boy would call them.

Have I mentioned Game Night before? How have I not mentioned Game Night before? Quick recap – every month (just about) the boy and I have Game Night with 2 other spectacular couples that the boy has known since high school, rotating houses and what everyone is making – there’s a very specific formula involved here, so let’s just say, it’s an impressive logistical feat. Particularly now that we’re spread over 2 states, 3 counties, and tons of dietary restrictions.

And we’ve been definitely doing this since before it was recession-hip. According to some heavy digging through the gmail, I can date this Game Night origin to AT LEAST as far back as 10/2006. Other then the boy, there’s not much I’ve been committed to for that long. Ever. So gold star for Game Night.

And while the game part is awesome, the food (and drinks) are often center stage, as well. I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all gotten better at hosting and cooking over the past few years, so I’m really excited to share Jim’s recipe from our March Game Night. Which was awesome. Gold star to Jim.

Since our March Game Night at the Devine’s, I’ve been a broken record on getting my greedy lil hands on this recipe, so imagine my shock and awe when Jim sent this lovvvvely email to me yesterday evening:

“You asked for the recipe before and i was putting it off ’cause I’m lazy. However(!!) i just made more sauce so here you go!

It will make 2 sandwiches pretty perfectly as described below – just refrigerate the left over sauce. It will sit OK for probably 2-3 weeks, but its just a condiment so it won’t get used up that fast if you’re not trying new stuff with it. It’s probably good on other sandwiches too, but I haven’t tried.

(With only a little bit of a drum roll —–)

Shrimpy Jawn Po’Boys a la Jim

.5 lb shrimp per sandwhich – small size, fresh or thawed, de-tailed
2 tblsp Olive oil
about 4 tblsp Cajun Spices or your favorite BBQ sauce, but really to tatse
brown sugar (optional)
2 long sandwich rolls

Remoulade Sauce
(Makes about 1 Cup)

1 Cup
Mayonnaise (Homemade or store-bought)
2 Tablespoons finely chopped Sweet Gherkins
1.5 Tablespoons
Creole Mustard, if you can find it, Jim uses Dijon
1 Tablespoon finely chopped
fresh tarragon leaves – Jim is known to substitute Rosemary in, if that’s what is in the cabinet/garden, and SWEARS there isn’t much of a difference. I don’t know how that’s possible, but I’ve had his with Rosemary and it’s quite tastey.
Garlic Clove, smashed into paste
1 Tablespoon
White Wine Vinegar
Sea salt (to taste)
Tabasco Sauce
(to taste, Jim uses Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce… we just call it Vietnamese sauce)
(to taste)

Mix the everything (except the Gherkins!) in a food processor. This will do most of the work for cutting down the spices, garlic, capers, etc. The last thing you add is add the chopped up Gherkins, but don’t let the processor cut them down too small. Try to make the taste right before adding them, because they’re kinda a tasty bonus later when they’re still in chunks.

After you make the sauce, thaw shrimp (Jim does the bags of frozen 91-110 size, unshelled tail-off etc. shrimp – muy practical) and heat up a 9″-10″ pan with a little olive oil. Try to fill the pan up with shrimps. It may look like a whole lot, but shrimp shrinks and you want to fill the sandwiches later.

If you buy raw shrimp, let them cook till they’re soft and pink. Otherwise, just let the cooked shrimp get a little soft.

Drain the oil and water from the pan, and put the shrimp back on the hot burner. Mix in BBQ sauce/Cajun spices and reduce heat. Usually Jim’ll flavor the sauce with brown sugar, because its more reminiscent of the flavor from the restaurant that was near us.

Feel free to mix brown sugar into normal BBQ sauce, or experiment with flavors.

***Don’t overload the pan with sauce, just enough to coat the shrimp if you can. The more excess sauce, the more messy the sandwiches will be later.***

While the shrimp is simmering (and hopefully cooking out the last of the water and thickening up the BBQ sauce,) cut open two fresh long rolls and lightly coat the inside (both sides) with remoulade sauce. Be sure to use long rolls for this, and try not to cut all the way through! Otherwise, you’ll have very very messy sandwiches!

When your rolls are ready, put in the shrimp and serve!

Just to reiterate, Jim is a prince among men. This was fabulous – hope ya’ll enjoy!

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