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Little Fish

April 20, 2009

Wow, we finally made it to Little Fish! Last night, the boy and I hit up their Sunday prix-fixe – what a deal is right!

At $28 for 5 courses, BYOB, this might be the ultimate recession-proof Philly deal I’ve stumbled across thus far.

How did it take us so long to go here?

Maybe because wayyyy back in December when a foodtastic friend told me about this place, Bon Appetit told the whole wide world about Little Fish a few days later in their in their Best Seafood Restaurants issue:

3. Little Fish
, Philadelphia
Big things are happening at this minnow-size, open-kitchen B.Y.O.B. in South Philly. Credit goes to new chef-owner Michael Stollenwerk, who’s responsible for such dishes as halibut with English pea spaetzle and scallop nage, and crab sausage with fennel and citrus salad. On Sundays, there’s a $28 five-course prix fixe that’s a steal. Catherine St.; 215-413-3464;

At which point, food blogs throughout the Philadelphia area exploded in anguish that their favorite spot was found out/that they had slept on this place for so long.

I love the idea of a chef just getting up in the morning and deciding to cook what he’s in the mood to make. I was slightly sun burnt and more then a bit sleepy for our 8p reservation (fighting a cold all weekend will do that to you), so of course I forgot my camera. To the best of my memory, the prix-fixe menu looked something like this:

with beets, fresher-then-fresh goat cheese, and other yummy stuff

Smoked Salmon tartar
with amazingly tasty sauce stuff and little green lettuce-y things on top

Muscles & Squid Soup
with red pepper, ham, and tomato broth, and a hint of spice

Sword Loin
really amazing with olives on top and pollenta underneath, and some spinach and orangey sauce like compote

Apple Bread Pudding
with homemade vanilla whip cream that almost looked like ice cream

The food was delicious, with only one course being the downer (but in all fairness, I like neither squid nor ham).

The boy wasn’t blown over by the swordfish , either, but I think this was because he wasn’t eating the olives it was topped with. It was so well cooked and had an almost Cajun kick to it. And for some reason, olives + swordfish loin = explosively awesome flavors. Yum!

Consensus? We’ll be back.

And while part of me wouldn’t mind some subtle changes to the ambiance, which is a bit sparse and feels a tad bit uninspired, most of me just hopes nothing ever changes.

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