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~ BBQ a la Jeff ~

April 26, 2009

I don’t care that its still April – no matter where you were in Philly, Saturday was the first night of summer.

Somehow, with being all “getting ready to be deployed,” Jeff was still able to have a huge bunch of us over on Saturday night for an event I’m now naming “DusenFest” (TM pending). This is a guy that can cook his ass off and has proven himself all MacGyver with ingredients. The guy just doesn’t make bad food, and Saturday was no exception. The picnic table was basically overflowing with an impressive array of food:

  • a gallon of homemade guac
  • a gallon of homemade salsa
  • early season tomato salad
  • a plethora of meat
  • deviled eggs
  • hummus
  • and tons of booze.

And adding to the impressiveness of this meal was the grilling that was primarily executed in the dark. I don’t mean “sun setting but I can still gaze into your eyes” dark, I mean “pitch black except for the pretty coals” kinda dark. And the food was good, not just good, but delicious. And the company was pretty amazing too. If this is where summer is heading, sign me up.

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