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It’s 95 degrees out there, people.

April 27, 2009

Home for lunch

Domestic goddess, I am not. But I’m digging the praise from the boy for going home on my lunch breaks to walk the puppies, do some light housework (very, very light), and eat for free (or semi-free…depending on my mood) from our own fridge.

It’s a nice break, too. I finally figured that as much fun as it is hanging out at King of Prussia Mall/HomeGoods/Borders/Off The Rack/Some other den of financial ruin wasn’t the most relaxing or productive way to zone out from the “rigors” of work and get my head back on.

Not that home is the most effective space for “unzoning” either.

Today, just as a for instance, I managed to walk the dogs, pull some weeds while Shelby let herself out and started prancing down the street, bribed her back in with milk bones, watered the plants, accidentally watered the cat (who was being ill-advisedly social for no apparent reason), boiled eggs for deviled eggs, and made it back to work in record time … although I’m now utterly paranoid that I left the burner on or something…probably not…hopefully not.

It’s a burgers-on-the-grill type of night, and I’m thinking I’m going to rock the deviled eggs too. And now back to 2 more hours at the desk.

Semi-attention craved kitty being semi-social

UPDATE: I left the burner on. Jon’s not letting me go home at lunch anymore.
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