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Porcini Burgers

April 28, 2009
Thanks to the inspiration of the Hungry Mouse, I have a bag o’ porcini dust (dust may not be the best word) sitting in my cabinet — and that’s mostly what it’s been doing. Sitting. Because even when I get a nice mise en place goin’ on, I only rarely remember to incorporate it into dishes.

I also only rarely cook when it’s over 90 degrees, so it’s been a slow goin’ week all around. But Monday, there was a bit of a reprieve and it turned from a hot, sticky, sweat-when-I-walk-to-the-car kinda day to something a bit nicer. The ideal deck-sittin’ night.

So burgers were on my mind. And they weren’t even just on my mind, they were on everyone’s mind. In the whole world. The lovely folks over at The Illadelphia are exploring how Stephen Starr makes his burgers over at Barclay Prime, and Fries With That Shake is gearing up for their 3rd Philadelphia Burger Meet Up (which I’m hoping falls on one of the two days during a week I could actually go…). Hell, when summer starts a month early, it’s a bit unsurprising.

Normally my burgers are a mash up of grated onion, grated garlic, worchester sauce, and chopped basil, but since basil isn’t a “hearty” herb, I’d talked myself out of picking it up just yet. Which is another example of how the stupid weather gods are laughing their asses off at me. Assholes. Basil would’ve damn-near flourished this week. But basil-induced annoyance aside, ya know what goes really frickin good in burgers? Porcini dust, that’s what.

Like, really frickin good. I added all my other normal stuff too, and the boy may* have added in some jack daniels when I wasn’t looking, but the porcini added a really extra woodsy and meaty flavor that went perfectly (yes, I know, a “meaty” flavor in hamburger! shocking!).


Ha-za – awesome burger from local beef (like, down the street local – Maple Acres saves the day again) with some slightly whilted arugula from my container garden and slave-free tomatoes. I rocked me some deviled eggs, too, but the husband went completely fat girl on them so it was like they never exsisted.

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