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On a rainy Sunday

May 3, 2009

So, did you hear that Headhouse Farmers Market was back this Sunday?

Yeah, thought so. Even with the rain rolling in and the generally eh conditions out there, Jeff and I hit it up – me with no coat, no umbrella, and a lighter-then-light scarf, and Jeff with his fatigue-themed military-issue parka and black army boats. Reusable bags finished off these questionable outfits.

We were quite the pair.

But that being said, we weren’t alone downtown. Broad Street Run was in full force and there were good crowds all over South Street.

Best moment at the market:

Egg guy says to me as I finish buying 5 lbs of meat, “Huh, you really looked like a vegetarian. You need to bring more meat-eating friends to this part of the city!”

Post-market, we brunched over at Brigid Foy’s at 2nd & South, and a whole limo of 12 year olds in First Communion-wear showed up, completely undeterred by the weather. And if the First Communion crew wasn’t scared of a little rain, neither were we.

Wool! Beautiful, beautiful wool!
And a beautiful dog that obviously leads a hard life šŸ™‚

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