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"Gently" Used Fitness Equipment

May 8, 2009

I need to editorialize for a moment – or not just a moment, because when it comes down to it, what I typically do every time I open my mouth or let my thoughts flow out my fingertips to the keyboard is editorialize. So, screw this whole introduction and the Friday nice-ities and let’s get on with it, shall we?

It’s been a stressful week. Not a house-burnt-down, dog-ran-away, country-western-song type of stress, but just a whole lot of people-up-in-your-face-asking-for-a-smack-down type of stress.

The I-left-my-wallet-in-my-knitting-bag-and-had-to-get-breakfast-for-$1.96-that-I-found-in-my-cup-holders type of stress (I’m actually kind of proud of that – thank you Lucurene Yogurt and store brand green tea!).

And no amount of margaritas, knitting, or cooking has been adequate in soothing the little ball of stress that is me (but damn if I haven’t tried anyway!).

What has gotten me through, sadly, has not been the loving wonderfulness of the husband (you do rock though), or the incredibly happy to see me puppies, or my rather incredibly hysterical friends and family. No, it’s been something else.

It’s been my nightly drive pass Fitness Exchange.

I get it, totally, that this will give you pause for a few reasons. Starting with my (obvious) lack of appreciation for gym equipment, and of course the small fact that I’ve just moved loved ones slightly behind a used fitness provider in the hierarchy of what makes me zen-like.

So let me explain – there’s a guy that (assumedly) works at Fitness Exchange. He’s there every night til closing, sells his stuff, and then instead of going home, he (hopefully) changes into work out clothes and helps himself to increasing the “used” aspect of the merchandise by working out.

O, sure, you may be like, “um, fitness exchange is a store and not a gym.” Well, you’d be right. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s there. Sweating and swinging on his cardio machines. Every time.

Being a store and not a well outfitted fitness club, there are no TVs, Cardio Theaters, or loud thumping music to keep him occupied while he works out, so he gravitates towards the front wall – which is made of glass – and gives him a lovely view of Ridge Pike (as well as a full array of Stair Masters and Elipticals to choose from).

And because the front wall is glass and it’s overlooking Ridge Pike (a major thoroughfare in my area) I’ve see him doing this every night this week. Amazing. Not because he’s an employee so engaged in his store that he stays pass closing for a workout. But because he’s an individual with no concern for displaying himself to everyone passing that yeah, there might not be “showers” or a “water fountain” or “sanitary wipe downs” at the lowly never-before-seen-anyone-enter-this-store Fitness Exchange, but screw it, there are calories to burn!

Good for you, buddy. And thank you for providing me with some added calorie burnage as I laugh the rest of my drive home.

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