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"From The Boot"

May 20, 2009

This is what happens: someone mentions a restaurant that I’ve never heard of and uses crazy adjectives about the awesomeness that is that restaurant.

So I have to research it. The quick perusal of cyberspace (blogs, yelp, etc) confirms that the place is indeed heaven on earth.

And then, I start hearing about this place everywhere I go (sort of like if somebody mentions how someone in your office says “yous guys” all the time, you start to notice it all the FRICKIN time…no?)

Obsession takes over, and I come home from work no more then 24-48 hours after hearing about a place in the first place and declare that cooking sucks and that I’m overworked/tired/moody/cold/annoyed and HAVE to get out of the house and try something new.

And then I insist on taking the husband out to the new restaurant. I pay, because I’m awesome like that, and let’s face it, the boy is a saint for living with me, and the restaurant is usually pretty damn good but not earth shattering and certainly not a life-changing culinary revelation.

This is the exact scenario that brought me and the boy to From The Boot a few nights ago. Except for the last part. This was damn near a life-changing culinary revelation. It was South Philly quality Italian food, in the stupid suburbs, not 5 miles from my house!

Frickin A! How was I not informed about this place sooner?

Do we even need to consider how much time I’ve wasted away at other “meh” suburban Italian eateries (Viggiano’s, Maggiano’s – I’m looking at you) when this true gem was right up the street?

And omygod, we went for the first time (of many, many times to come, as I told the waitress in my wine-and-garlic-cream-sauce induced glaze) and it was absolutely exceptional. Every detail (once we walked inside – from the outside this is totally the “Blue Fin” of Italian restaurants – meaning it was a little bit hidden in a weird and not all together sanitary looking strip mall) was absolutely perfect. Nothing over the top about the decor – it just feels homey and warm, very friendly and welcoming.

It’s BYOB which was awesome.

It’s totally reasonably priced.

The portions are generous but not absurd.

The garlic knots were delicious and perfectly suited for a garlic fiend.

I really could gush on about this place nonstop.

I didn’t bring a camera because it’s a restaurant, and I’m just not at the “review” point yet where I feel the need to dine with a camera at all times, but let me paint you a picture with my words.

The husband got the chicken, sun dried tomatoes, asparagus in a Gorgonzola cream sauce over linguine. I got penne, grilled chicken, portabello, and egg plant in a garlic cream sauce. And we shared/fought to the death for the cannoli, which was obviously incredible.

Yeah, loved it. Truly. Can’t wait to share this find with friends/family/myself whenever the opportunity arises.

517 Germantown Pike
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444

(610) 834-8680

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