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May 25, 2009

According to some peoples (Vanessa…the guy at Lowe’s…), cilantro is hard to grow. Except on my deck, where cilantro is at one with it’s natural habitat and grows like a badass for 9 months a year. Which means, cilantro is showing up in damn near everything I cook (and god help you if you find cilantro “bitter” cause I’m actually considering breading and frying cilantro by itself, get to get through some of this). Align Center

What’s concerning is that my glorious, glorious cilantro is already starting to go to seed – meaning that it’s all cilantro-y at the bottom, looks almost like dill growing higher up the stalk, and then all flowery on top. Everything I can find in my free online searches is that the cilantro is still good, but apparently it’s a frickin plant and not a machine so of course it’s not gonna last forever.

In the mean time, would you like some cilantro with your cilantro? Cause we got cilantro.

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