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Going back to Cooking

June 2, 2009

I really don’t want to cause any grumbling on my slightly noticeable absence by only posting two lil collages in the past week or so. But things have been really, really, pathetically busy around my ‘hood. And to the question “so are you saying you haven’t cooked anything?! in over 2 weeks???” Well obviously I’ve cooked somethings, but what I’ve completely failed to do is cook anything and successfully photograph it.

This does not lend itself lightly that I have a “One Local Summer Challenge” AND a Daring Kitchen challenge looming over my head. But tonight! you’re in luck – the family is coming over for food and I have some beef tips, lamb cubes, and chicken chunks (ha!) all marinating themselves up and a couple other side items stewing in my brain (that’s right, watch me pull a fully-functional menu out of my a$$ at 2:35p for a 6:30p dinner – watch and feel AWE).

So, we all have that to look forward to. In the meantime, look at the pretty pictures from Memorial Day and the Wedding. If you click on them, they get bigger (ah ha!). ANNNNNND this weekend is a return to Game Night! Which means more cooking! And this time around, I’m rocking dessert!

And yes, I got your emails and your texts and everything else under the sun. I’m alive. Thank you for checking. Next task – find ya’ll some other hobbies!*

*Kidding!!! Please don’t find other hobbies. Just stay online loving me forever.

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