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Poll: Game Night Desert

June 2, 2009

Game Night is once again upon me and since it’s at Jim & Jill’s and we hosted last time this time we’re doing dessert, Alex & Becca have to cover the appetizer, and J&J get to pick the game AND make us dinner. Lucky people.

It hasn’t escaped me that the convoluted description of who is doing what why is somewhat reminiscent of a Clue guess (Mustard…Library…Candlestick?). We like Clue.

But I digress.


In a last ditch effort to be crafty and awesome and well planned, I’m lost in a debate over what to make. Options are chiseled down to:

1) Cheesecake with chocolate crust. Why? Because I made my first one ever a few weeks ago and not only did I cook it at 11p at night and forgot to take photos, but it also may be the best damn cheesecake in the world. Ever.

2) Chipwiches. Why? Because nothing says summer like beautiful vanilla ice cream slammed between two giant homemade chocolate chip cookies. And this is my only dessert Game Night this summer.

3) Strawberry Shortcakes. Why? 1/2 inspiration from a recent Smitten Kitchen post but also because it fits my seasonal requirement (I’d be shocked! if I don’t come home with some glorious strawberries from the CSA/Farmers Market this weekend).

Let your voice be heard. You are the backbone of democracy. Yada yada yada. Post or email me your preference/suggestions so that I can evaluate them (and you).

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