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Recession Proof Philly III: Unlimited Seafood (that’s the name, not the deal)

June 4, 2009

Happy Hours in the suburbs suck.

There, I said it. And if you don’t believe me, fine, but then you’re not comparing them with Center City Happy Hours, and you’re sure as hell not being honest with yourself. But if you need to lie to yourself to get through the night, who am I to judge? Regardless, I’m totally judging.

I’ll grant you that being in the ‘burbs do have some advantages. Fresh air. Reasonable ability to own a car. Bigger malls. Bleh. Who am I kidding? For the longest time, my life has been nearly devoid of happy hours. Not by choice – never by choice – but my work is a good 45 min train right into the warm, loving, liquor-infused embrace of Center City, so I’m accustom to being left out of these happiest of hours.

All that aside, UWishUNu has increased my happy thought index by announcing the addition of all night happy hours at Seafood Unlimited. The place you walk by with total regularity everything you’re stumbling around Rittenhouse. It’s a cute little bar & restaurant, just off the Square, and per the announcement:

“All summer, whether you snag a street-side table or sit in the bar area, you’ll get Happy Hour specials from 5PM until closing, every night of the week. Served from the welcoming zinc-clad bar, $3 Yuengling drafts, $5 wine selections and $5 margaritas will serve as the perfect accompaniment to the discounted menu items, which includes fresh seafood and savory summer dishes all going for $6 and under.”

Can I get a hells yeah? I am now taking reservations for partners in crime – I’ll be there by 7. Yes, happy hour will still be in full force. I’ll be the girl with a glass o’ wine and some tasty food. That makes me happy. How about you?

Seafood Unlimited
270 S. 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) SEA-FOOD

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